This is such a wonderful family! It was the most beautiful night in the Utah mountains. Just a few drops of summer rain before we got the most beautiful rainbow overlooking this amazing backdrop of the mountains. I can’t say how much I love the Utah mountains. And this loving family makes it so much better.

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Molly and Ryne are one of the best couples I’ve ever met. They drove from Kansas City to Jackson Hole to get their engagement photos taken. It was pouring rain, but we only had this time slot to do the shoot, so we hoped for the best. As soon as we started, it cleared up, the sun came out and it was beautiful! They were so sweet to each other. And their dog was the best! We were trying to get one last shot with the Tetons and it started to rain again. We were able to get the shot just before it started pouring! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple and location. I love Jackson! So happy for these two!